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In addition to Maximum Shred, we also make the product Xtreme Antler. Xtreme Antler is a muscle-building supplement that comes in spray and capsule form, designed to accelerate muscular recovery, and increase the release of testosterone and growth hormone.

As is the case with Maximum Shred, Xtreme Antler is an entirely natural product. All of its ingredients have been proven safe when taken in recommended dosages, and have been proven effective.

Unlike Maximum Shred, Xtreme Antler is not a pre-workout supplement. Instead it has been created to keep your body ready for exertion regardless of how often you hit the gym. Active individuals can take Xtreme Antler every day to improve athletic performance and physical gains.

Because our two supplements work differently, but towards the same common goal, they can be taken in tandem. And because they do not share ingredients, they can be taken in tandem safely. Combined, Maximum Shred and Xtreme Antler can really help you increase your results at the gym, gaining lean muscle and melting away fat.

The new official website for Xtreme Antler can be found right here. This new site – Xtreme Antler Supplement – is dedicated to informing you all about the Xtreme Antler formula. With information about every last ingredient, including what they are, what they do, how they works, etc, the site relays everything you need to know about the supplement.

At Xtremeantlersupplement.com you will also find:

  • Information about the supplement
  • Contact information
  • Order instructions

Checkout it out to see whether Xtreme Antler is the right supplement for you to pair with Maximum Shred, or to take on its own.